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After 17 years of searching for a will for David Bradford, I finally found an abstract of it (not the original....yet!).  I've seen death dates for him ranging from 1750 to 1810.  Now we can finally pin it down!  Below is the abstract I found. 

Will of DAVID BRADFORD of the County of Mecklenburg.  7 May 1779
Husbandman . . . to my wife the whole of my moveable estate, household
furniture, with her living on my plantation on which I now live, at her death
or marriage, to be vandued [?] and divided among my children my oldest
son James Bradford excepted who is at my decease to receive his part . . .
my sons David Bradford, Michael, and Samuel Bradford, my two younger
sons, wife Mary & friends & neighbors James Barr & James Findley, exrs.
                                                           David Bradford (seal)
Witness:  James Findley
                Robert Andrews
                Joseph Findley

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