Will of John Bradford of Brunswick Co., VA - 1735

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John Bradford died in Brunswick County, Virginia, in 1735. His will and list of children follow

Will of John Bradford, Brunswick Co., VA
November 3, 1732 - Probated November 6, 1735 (29 V 507)
To the eldest son, Richard: a survey of land on the south side of Fountain Creek, surveyed by the late Co. Thomas Cocke in 1732 -also 400 acres on the north side of river called "Pamplico" when he is of age. He shall allow his mother, my wife( Rebecca Pace), half the profits of the Mill.

  • To son Nathaniel: Land lying on north side of Pea hill, also tract of 150 acres in N. C., being land I bought of Francis Ellidge on south side of
    Beaver Pond Creek; also land in N. C. on north side of Tarr River, called "Pamplico" 640 acres.
  • To my son John: 200 acres on south side of Fountain Creek; and survey of land surveyed by Arthur Williams on South side of Jelks Swamp.
    To eldest daughter Frances, negroes and land.
  • To second daughter Rebecca, negroes and land.
  • To youngest daughter Sarah, negroes and land.
  • To Gabriell Pickrell: 300 acres,
  • To Margaret Moore: 200 acres on Beaver Pond Creek, and after her death to her son Tobias Moore.
  • Wife, remainder of estate for life and appointed her executrix.

Witnesses: Richard Bradford, Margaret Moore, Phillip Prescott.

Children of John and Rebecca (Pace) Bradford

  • Richard, eldest son, was bequeathed by his father land on Fountain Creek, also 400 acres call "Pamplico". Fountain Creek was in Northampton Co., NC., as shown by grant to his brother Nathaniel, and "Pamplico" seems to be in Edgecombe Co., NC. He may have been the father of Thomas Bradford of Northampton.
  • John was bequeathed 200 acres on south side of Fountain Creek. A captain John Bradford was executor of Hugh Hardy's estate in Halifax, NC 1761, also of Jennings Hackney in 1765. He may have been the Colonel John Bradford who was very prominent in Halifax during the Revolution. Colonel John Bradford died in 1787 leaving a large family. He is said to have been born in 1708. (D.A.R., Vol 137, p. 42.) He would hardly have been a colonel in active service at the age of 70. (NC Col. Rec. 12-509) On Jan. 1, 1760, John Bradford and Patience, his wife, sold Jesse Pope 185 acres.
  • Nathaniel, bequeathed 150 acres on the south side of Beaver Pond Creek in NC; also patented 300 acres near Fountain Creek in Northampton Co., NC, April 11, 1745. On April 28, 1750, he sold these 300 hundred acres to Robert Jones Jr. of Surry. He evidently moved to Edgecombe Co. where he had been willed 640 acres on the Tarr River. In 1747, Nathaniel Bradford of Edgecombe sold 100 acres to Benjamin Lane, part of a patent granted to Thomas Brown March 2, 1774, and sold to Nathaniel Bradford. Nathaniel Bradford sold to John Bradford 185 acres granted March 20, 1749 for L 25 on November 11,1751. Captain Nathaniel Bradford of Edgecombe and wife Sarah sold land to Hugh Hardey, November 20,1756.