Sources:  Brumbaugh, Gaius, Marcus. Revolutionary War Records, Volume 1, Virginia, Baltimore: 1936.

 Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA
 Section II (4), [Document No. 30--List No. I]
 Bradford, Sam'l K.   Captain      Cont'l.   4000        Apr. 17, 1783   3 years
 Bradford, Charles   Lieutenant   Cont'l.   2666 2/3   Oct. 5, 1789     3 years

SECTION II, (5), [DOCUMENT No. 31--LIST No. 2] (5) List of officers of the VA continental and state sines and state navy, whose names appear on the army register, and who have not received land for revolutionary services, or not in the characters in which there appear:

Bradford, R. Saml., Capt. Lieut. Art., Cont'l.

 SECTION 11, (11) to (16) [DOCUMENT NO. 34--LIST No. 6] (11) Armand's corps
 2. Bradford, Samuel K.,  Lieutenant
 3. Bradford, Charles,      Lieutenant

SECTION II (18) [DOCUMENT No. 44] (18) List of non-commissioned officers and soldeirs of the VA line on continental establishement, whose names appear on the army register and who have not received bount land, Richmond, 1835:

 Bradford, William,  Soldier, Inf.
 Bradford, Abel,      Soldier, Inf.
 Bradford, George,  Soldier, In
 Alexander Keith    Lieutenant   6,979   2,666 2/3   Kitty Bradford, Charles F. Keith, Isham Keith, and Maria G. Nash   Hon. James Standifer

SECTION III (21) Virginia Military Land Warrants
Bradford, Samuel K. (Va. Artillery)   Capt. Lt.   3 years
Bradford, Henry                               Sgt.          3 years
Bradford, Charles                             Lieut.       3 years

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Henry Nelson Junin's Census List, Dunmore County, November, 1775. (Males 16 Years old   Males under 16   Females and white or black)
David bradford, 1W   1   2W   2   2W   2
John Bradford,  1W   1         3W   3
Bradford, Charles David Henry Littleton Moses Samuel William

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