Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA
 Section II (4), [Document No. 30--List No. I]
 Bradford, Sam'l K.   Captain      Cont'l.   4000        Apr. 17, 1783   3 years
 Bradford, Charles   Lieutenant   Cont'l.   2666 2/3   Oct. 5, 1789     3 years

SECTION II, (5), [DOCUMENT No. 31--LIST No. 2] (5) List of officers of the VA continental and state sines and state navy, whose names appear on the army register, and who have not received land for revolutionary services, or not in the characters in which there appear:

Bradford, R. Saml., Capt. Lieut. Art., Cont'l.

 SECTION 11, (11) to (16) [DOCUMENT NO. 34--LIST No. 6] (11) Armand's corps
 2. Bradford, Samuel K.,  Lieutenant
 3. Bradford, Charles,      Lieutenant

SECTION II (18) [DOCUMENT No. 44] (18) List of non-commissioned officers and soldeirs of the VA line on continental establishement, whose names appear on the army register and who have not received bount land, Richmond, 1835:

 Bradford, William,  Soldier, Inf.
 Bradford, Abel,      Soldier, Inf.
 Bradford, George,  Soldier, In
 Alexander Keith    Lieutenant   6,979   2,666 2/3   Kitty Bradford, Charles F. Keith, Isham Keith, and Maria G. Nash   Hon. James Standifer

SECTION III (21) Virginia Military Land Warrants
Bradford, Samuel K. (Va. Artillery)   Capt. Lt.   3 years
Bradford, Henry                               Sgt.          3 years
Bradford, Charles                             Lieut.       3 years

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Henry Nelson Junin's Census List, Dunmore County, November, 1775. (Males 16 Years old   Males under 16   Females and white or black)
David bradford, 1W   1   2W   2   2W   2
John Bradford,  1W   1         3W   3
Bradford, Charles David Henry Littleton Moses Samuel William

Sources:  Brumbaugh, Gaius, Marcus. Revolutionary War Records, Volume 1, Virginia, Baltimore: 1936.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR in other states:
 Right now, I am using two (2) sources from compiling the information during the Rev. War and to help distinguish between the 2, I will put either a * or a + infront of each entry. Some entries come from a combination of both sources.  In those cases, both symbols will be used.   The sources of the 2 symbols are below.  One set of sources comes in volumes besides the pages and the other set is not.  I will put the pages and volumes in parenthesis after the entry.   I will try to put the entries in alphabetical order, but it probably won' be exactly right so it may be necessary to read down the list.

*Alexander Bradford (1728-1808), First liuetenant in VA, m. Jamima Jones (p. 65).

*Andrew Bradford (June 11, 1763- Jan 31, 1836), Priv. in NH unit, Pensioned, m. Lucy Parker (p.65).

*Andrew Bradford (Nov 1, 1717-1798), did service in NH, m(1) Rebecca Cole, m(2) Hannah GOFFE Chandler (p.65).

*Benjamin Bradford (abt 1750-aft 1810), Liuet. in NH unit, m(1). Mary Read, m(2) Mary McAdams (p.66).

*Calvin Bradford (July 25, 1754-April 24, 1835), Priv. in MA unit, m. Lucy Pratt (p. 66).

*Carpenter Bradford (Feb 7, 1739-Jan 27, 1823), Priv. in MA unit, m(1). Mary Gay, m(2) Mrs. Steel (p.66).

*Cornelius Bradford (Dec 10, 1737-Feb 10, 1790), Capt. MA unit, m. Patience David.

*Daniel Bradford (1721-July 22, 1810), patriotic servie in RI, m(1) Mrs. Mary REYNOLDS Church, m(2) Susan Jarvis (p.66).

*David Bradford (1747-1800) Priv. in NC unit, m. Elizabeth ___ (p. 66).

*Ebenezer Bradford (May 29, 1746-Jan 3, 1801), Chaplain in NJ unit, m. Elizabeth Green (p. 66).

*Elisha Bradford (Oct 15, 1746-Sept 3, 1835) Priv. CT unit, pensioned, m. Lucy Rossetter (p. 66).

*Elish(a) Bradford (1720-?), Coporal in MA unit, m. Hannah Cole (p.66).

*+Elisha Bradford (May 10, 1753 Kingston, MA-May 31, 1809 Cheshire, MA), Priv. in Berkshire Co., MA unit under Col. Simond, m. Eunice "Unni" Bennett (p. 66)(vo. 16, p. 504).

*Ezekiel Bradford, Sr (Nov. 1728-Sept 1816), Priv. MA unit, m. Betsy Chandler (p.66).

*Ezekiel Bradford, Jr (Dec 15, 1759-Oct 26, 1829), Priv MA unit, widow pensioned, m. Mary House (p. 66).

*Gamaliel Bradford, Sr. (Sept 2, 1731-Jan 9, 1807), Col MA unit, m(1) Sarah Alden, m(2) Mary Cooper (p. 67).

*Gamaliel Bradford, Jr. (Nov 4, 1763-March 7, 1824), Liuet. MA unit, m. Elizabeth Hickling (p.67).

*George Bradford (May 19, 1757-May 11, 1823), Priv. RI unit, widow pensioned, m. Susannah Hopkins (p.67).

*Gideon Bradford (May 30, 1752-April 5, 1805), Priv. MA unit, m. Abigail Sampson (p.67).

*Henry Bradford (1758-1815), Srg. VA unit, m. Elizabeth PAYNE Blakemore (p.67).

*Henry Swift Bradford (Sept 21, 1736-Aug 8, 1812), soldier CT unit, m. Prudence Glover (p.67).

*Israel Bradford (Oct 26, 1766-Jan 5, 1855) Priv. MA unit, m(1) Hannah Everson, m(2) Mrs. Olive Jeffers (p.67).

* Jeams Bradford (1749-1833), Corporal MA unit, pensioned, m. Sarah Ellis (p.67).

* James Bradford (1762-Nov 29, 1844), Priv. NC unit, pensioned, m. Rachel Robinson (my line) (p.67).

*James Bradford (1758-Jan 20, 1837), Priv NJ and RI units, pensioned, m. Elizabeth Bradford (p. 67).

*James Bradford (1754-April 18, 1822), Priv. PA unit, m(1) Barbara ___, m(2) Catherine___ (p.67).

*James D. Bradford (1744-Feb 8, 1821), Priv. NY unit, m(1) Jennett McNillen, m(2) Isabel Sterling (p.67).

*Jeremiah Bradford (bef 1729-1817), patriotic service CT, m. Rebecca Dart (p.68).

*Jesse Bradford (March 7, 1758-May 20, 1829), Priv MA unit, m. Judith Weston (p.68).

*Joel Bradford (1758-July 12, 1836), Priv., Quartermaster RI unit, m. Alsa Mosier (p.68).

*John Bradford, Jr (Dec 7, 1739-June 5, 1818), Corporal CT unit, m. Mary Fitch (p.68).

*John Bradford (July 27, 1750_Oct 9, 1827), Priv CT unit, m. Elizabeth Bond (p.68).

*John Bradford (July29, 1748-June 11, 1807), Capt. MA unit, m. Eunice Loring (p.68).

*John Bradford, (Aug 24, 1723-May 18, 1784), patriotic service MA unit, m. Margaret Barton (p.68).

*John Bradford (1744-June 27, 1836), Capt. NH unit, m. Sarah Putnam (p.68).

*John Bradford (1708-Oct 31, 1787), Col. NC unit, m(1) Patience Reed, m(2) Dorothy Miriam Burgess, m(3) Elizabeth Smith (p.68).

*Jo(k)hn Bradford (March 30, 1759-March 22, 1820), Priv. PA unit, m(1) Mary Gillespie, m(2) Rachel Retenhous (p.68).

*John Bradford (Oct 28, 1758-March 17, 1837), Soldier SC unit, m. Mary Jones (p. 68).

*John Bradford (b. Aug 12, 1754-April 30, 1832), Corporal VT unit, m(1) Bethiah Bond, m(2) Sally Williamson (p.68).

*John Bradford (April 17, 1717-1789), Priv. VA unit, m. M. Timberlake (p.69).

*John Bradford (1745-1830), Priv. VA unit, m. ___ Strouse (p.69).

*+John Bradford (1749 VA-March 1830 Fayette Co., KY), Priv. VA unit, m. Eliza James, dau. Dinah m. William Hart, son of Thomas Hart, Jr (Hart Co., KY named after his family) (p.69) (vol. 10, p.147).

*John Bradford (1760-Feb 18, 1821), Priv. VA unit, m. Ann Calvin (p.69).

*John Angel Bradford (Sept 16, 1764-Dec 5, 1829), Priv. SC unit, m. Mary Mitchell (p.69).

*Joseph Bradford (June 17, 1742-March 21, 1815), Lieut. CT unit, m. Eunice Maples (p.69).

*Joseph Bradford (Nov 14, 1738-July 30, 1822), orderly NC unit, m(1) ___ George, m(2) Margaret Wilson, m(3) Susannah BUSH Jones (p.69).

*Joshua Bradford (Oct 17, 1751-June 11, 1819), Priv. CT unit, m. Anne Cleveland (p.69).

*Lemuel Bradford (Feb 20, 1751-May 22, 1828), Capt. MA unit, m(1) Mary Sampson, m(2) Lydia Holmes (p.69).

*Nathaniel Bradford (July 26, 1748-Nov 24, 1837), Priv. MA unit, pensioned, m. Rebecca Holmes (p.69).

*Oliver Bradford (Jan 10, 1759-Nov 14, 1835), Priv. MA unit, pensined, m. Sarah Chipman (p.69).

*Peabody Bradford (1758-Jan 17, 1852), Corporal NA unit, m. Hannah BRADBURY Freeman (p.69).

*Peleg Bradford (March 9, 1727-May 13, 1809), Priv. MA unit, m. Lydia Sturtevant (p.69).

*Peres/z Bradford (July 25, 1764-Aug 2, 1847), Priv. CT unit, m. Polly Nickerson (p.70).

*Perez Bradford (Oct 11, 1746-May 8, 1817), Ensign CT unit, m. Betsy Rogers (p.70).

*Perez Bradford (Nov 10, 1752-March 15, 1834), Priv. MA unit, m(1) Sarah Prince, m(2) Lydia Cushman (p.70).

*Peter Bradford (June 6, 1745/6-Dec 1833), Srg. MA unit, pensioned, m. Abigail Loring (p.70).

*Philemon Bradford (1757-1824), patriotic service NC, m. Susanna Clopton (p.70).

*Robert Bradford (July 21, 1739-Jan 20, 1808), Ensign CT unit, m. Penelope BONFOEY Rich (p. 70).

*Robert Bradford (July 11, 1750-Sept 11, 1823), Capt. MA unit, m. Keziah Little (p.70).

*Robert Bradford (Aug 28, 1755-Nov 27, 1836), Soldier NH unit, m. Hannah Eaton (p.70).

*Samuel Bradford (July 27, 1748-Nov 3, 1811), Patriotic serice CT, m. Lydia Dean (p.70).

*Samuel Bradford (1738-1810), Priv. MD unit, m(1) Sarah Fitzgerald, m(2) Tabitha ___ (p.70).

*Samuel Bradford (Jan 2, 1729-Feb 17, 1777), Capt MA unit, m. Grace Ring (p.70).

*Samuel Bradford (1764-June 30, 1812), Navy Seaman  MA, m. Lucy Churchill (p.70).

*Samuel Bradford (1738-Feb 5, 1813), Liuet. NH unit, m(1) Annie Washer, m(2) Mary Flint (p.70).

*Samuel Bradford (baptized May 8, 1720-Aug 1776), patriotic service NH, m. Mary Taylor (p.71).

*Seth Bradford (Sept 14, 1733-Feb 8, 1823), Priv. MA unit, m. Lydia Southworth (p.71).

*Shubal Bradford (Oct 1762-March 26, 1837), Priv MA unit, m. Anna Hadlock (p.71).

*Simeon Bradford (Aug 28, 1729-Oct 7, 1793), Patriotic service VT, m. Phebe WHITON Whiting (p.71).

*Thomas Bradford, Sr. (Nov. 14, 1712-bef Nov 29, 1788), Priv. CT unit, m. Eunice Adams  (p.71).

*Thomas Bradford, Jr. (Jan 29, 1751-June 8, 1807), Priv. CT unit, widow pensioned, m. Philena Davison (p.71).

*Thomas Bradford, Sr. (abt 1720-1786), Patriotic service NC unit, m. Mary Lavet (p.71).

*Thomas Bradford (1757-March 15, 1830), Soldier SC unit, m. Mary ____ (p.71).

*Thomas Bradford (1760-1847), Soldier SC unit, m. Martha ____  (p.71).

*Timothy Bradford (Sept 17, 1745-1833), Ensign, Patriotic and Civil service NH, m. Edith Howe (p. 71).

*Walt Bradford (1731-aft 1783), Priv. MA unit, m. Waltha Bassett (p.71).

*William Bradford (April 13-1734-abt 1778/9), Soldier CT unit, m. Sarah Rich (p.71).

*William Bradford (July 1, 1718-aft. April 13, 1799) Patriotic service CT, m(1) Zeriah Lathrop, m(2)Mary Cleveland, m(3)Martha Warren (p.71).

*Willaim Bradford (abt 1735-bef. 1798), Cpt. MD unit, m. Srah McComas, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford (bef. 1763-aft 1783), 1st Lieut. MD unit, m. Margaret Hill Richardson, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford (Nov 25, 1755-March 24, 1811), Srg. MA unit, m. Hannah Parker, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford (1750-Jan 10, 1840), Priv. NH unit, pensioned, m. Anna Cross, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford, Sr. (Oct 25, 1715-1791), Patriotic service NH, m(1) Mary Lamber, m(2)Rachel Small, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford, Jr. (1753-Oct 23, 1816), Lieut. NH unit, m(1)Hannah Hopking, m(2) Mrs. Lois Bruce, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford (Jan 19, 1719/21-Sept 25, 1791), Col. PA unit, m. Rachel Budd, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford, Sr. (Nov 4, 1729-July 6, 1808), Patriotic service RI, m. Mary LeBaron, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford (Aug 4, 1760-July 30, 1834), Priv. VA unit, pensioned, m(1)Mary Ellen Steele, m(2)Catherine Morgan, m(3)Nancy Bayles, (p.72).

*Willaim Bradford, Jr. (Sept 15, 1752-Dec 22, 1811), Maj. RI unit, m. Elizabeth Bloom James, (p.72).

* These entries are from the book Bradford Family History © 1978 by the American Geanological Research Institute
+ These entried are from the DAR Lineage Books entitled Lineage Books of the Charter Members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution  Copyright varies for every volume, and there were a LOT of volumes this info came out of, so I am not going to put the copyright info of every volume used, but do realize that it IS copyrighted material.  Instead of typing out the full entries from these sources, I have typed out just the pertinent information. If you are interested in finding out more about these entries, I have included the page and volume numbers for your convenience so you can check them for yourself to get what you need.

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