This is a list of pensioners with the surname of Bradford.  The come from different sources so different information will be given.

Maine Pensions of 1835:

 Name: Elijah Bradford
 County: Lincoln Co.
 Rank: Private
 Annual Allowance: 96 00
 Sums Received: 369 06
 Description of service: Massachusetts line
 When placed on the pension roll: My 31, 1819
 Commencement of pension: April 7, 1818
 Age: 73
 Laws under which inscribed, increased or reduced OR Remarks.: Dropped  under act May 1, 1820. Restored
 commencing December 16, 1826. Died November 23, 1829.

 Name: Peabody Bradford
 County: Cumberland Co.
 Rank: Corporal
 Annual Allowance: 96 00
 Sums Received: 179 73
 Description of service: Massachusetts continental
 When placed on the pensionroll: April 6, 1819
 Commencement of pension: July 20, 1818
 Age: 76
 Remarks.: March 18, 1818. Dropped from the roll under act
 May 1, 1820. [p.245]

 Name: Peter Bradford
 County: Kennebec Co.
 Rank: Sergeant
 Annual Allowance: 40 00
 Sums Received: 114 21
 Description of service: Massachusetts militia
 When placed on the pension roll
 Commencement of pension: March 4, 1831
 Age: 89
 Remarks.: Died January 11, 1834.

Pennsylvania Pensioners of 1835

Name:  James Bradford
County:  Delaware
Rank:  Private
Annual allowance:  $96.00
Total allowance received:  $1491.61
Description of Service:  New Jersey Continental Line
Entered on Pension Roll:  Jan. 15, 1818
Began receiving Pension:  Aug. 22, 1818
Age:  76

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