Below is a list of Bradford ancestors who were listed in Ship Passanger lists.  All list Name, Age, Sex, Where coming from, Where going to, and some list where they stayed in the ship.

S.S. Wyoming -  February 12th 1879, taken on board the said SS Wyoming at Liverpool & Q town.
Mrs. BRADFORD            30 F Matron     United States   United States     Saloon

Passenger List of the ship Gov. Davis from Liverpool, arrival in Boston, Mass., 26 February 1847.
Edwd. Bradford            51 male            England  U. States
Mrs. Bradford            42 female            England  U. States
Infant                         Inft female           England  U. States
Joseph Bradford            28 male           England  U. States
John Bradford                13 male           England  U. States
Joseph Bradford            12 male            England  U. States
Henry Bradford             10 male            England  U. States
Louisa Bradford            9 female           England  U. States
Mary Bradford              7 female           England  U. States
Elizabeth Bradford         5 female           England  U. States

District of New York -- Port of New York   ship SS BOLIVIA - Glasgow via Moville to New York, September 24, 1878
Bradford, John S        40 M Merchant     Scotland         USA     1st Cabin

Boston Port Arrivals, 1715-6 and 1762-9
SourcePort Arrivals and Immigrants to the City of Boston, 1715-1716, 1762-1769 by William H. Whitmore Published: Registry Dept. of Boston, 1900
Name:                       Occupation:            Date:               Misc.:
Barby Bradford         Lace maker           06-25-1715
Henery Bradford       Ship Carpenter     08-19-1762     wife, 4 kids
Capt. Job Bradford   Marriner               05-03-1763
Mr. Bradford            Gentlemen             05-08-1764
John Bradford           Sloop Ginger         07-17-1765     From VA
Mr. -- Bradford        Mercht                   08-28-1765
Job Bradford            Sloop Oliver          12-26-1766     From NC
Mr. Bradford            -------                     02-22-1768      listed with a Mr. Hooper
Mr. James Bradford  -------                   06-07-1768 wife, 1 child, servt

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