Bradford Immigrants to the U.S. during the 1700s

Below is a list of Bradford emigrants from 1620 to the end of the 17th century (1699/1700). This information comes from two different sources. The first list comes from the book "Bradford Family History" published by the American Genealogical Institute in 1978 by Heritage Press, Inc. I imagine that the only way to purchase this book is through the AGI above or through Heritage Press since it's no longer available in book stores. You may be able to find a copy in a rare/used bookstore however. The address for the AGI in 1978 is:

American Genealogical Research Institute
1235 Kenilworth Avenue, N. E.
Washington, DC 20019

The second list comes from: Port Arrivals and Immigrants to the City of Boston, 1715-1716, 1762-1769 by William H. Whitmore Published: Registry Dept. of Boston, 1900. If you know of a Bradford emmigrant from any time period, email me the information and I will add it, be sure to try to include where they came from as well as where they immigranted to and the date of immigration.  Include any other info you would like, ship name, their spouse or children, etc.

  • Elizabeth Bradford Transported* from Newgate Prison to Maryland on board the ship Pretty Patsie in September 1737; indentured servant
  • Isaac Bradford emigraed from Europe to Georgia prior to 1739; servant to Thomas Upton; "A notorious thief; ran away to Carolina and was there taken May 1739"
  • Jacob Bradford emigraed from England to Maryland in December 1729; age 18; indentured servant
  • John Bradford emigrated from London, England to Maryland on board the ship Jenny and Polly in January 1774; age 18; labourer; indentured servant
  • John Bradford emigrated from London, England to Maryland on board the ship Baltimore Packet in February 1775; age 30; weaver; indentured servant for four years
  • Thomas Bradford transported* from Surrey, England to the American Colonies on board the ship Justitia in March 1742; indentured servant
  • William Bradford died 1757; emigrated from England around 1700; settled in Baltimore County, Maryland; married to Elizabeth Lightbody
  • NOTES:
    * There were no less than 150 capital crimes in England for which a man/woman might be transported. Of course, there were the expected ones of murder, arson, and treason, but there were also lesser ones such as maiming, stealing a cow, cutting down trees along an avenue, sending threatening letters, and standing mute when addressed by an legal official

    Boston Port Arrivals, 1715-6 and 1762-9
    Name:                       Occupation:            Date:               Misc.:
    Barby Bradford         Lace maker           06-25-1715
    Henery Bradford       Ship Carpenter     08-19-1762     wife, 4 kids
    Capt. Job Bradford   Marriner               05-03-1763
    Mr. Bradford            Gentlemen             05-08-1764
    John Bradford           Sloop Ginger         07-17-1765     From VA
    Mr. -- Bradford        Mercht                   08-28-1765
    Job Bradford            Sloop Oliver          12-26-1766     From NC
    Mr. Bradford            -------                     02-22-1768      listed with a Mr. Hooper
    Mr. James Bradford  -------                   06-07-1768 wife, 1 child, servt

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