Bradford Marriages in IL, NC, KY, PA, and VA

There are 2 lists: the first is alphabetical by "Bradford" Groom and the second is alphabetical by "Bradford" Bride.

In order by Bradford Groom
Bradford, Abner A. Baker, Mary A. 26 Aug 1841 Hancock IL
Bradford, Andrew E. Palmer, Maranda 03 May 1831 Pope IL
Bradford, Booker Mann, Fanny 05 Nov 1788 Granville NC
Bradford, Charles Thorp, AmeliaAnn 08 Nov 1835 Peoria IL
Bradford, David Mann, Elizabeth 06 Nov 1777 Granville NC
Bradford, David Hamilton, Merryam 02 Aug 1783 Orange NC
Bradford, David Jr Keraney, Mary 02 Aug 1784 Granville NC
Bradford, David Chambers, Mary 01 Feb 1803 Cabarrus NC
Bradford, David Faucet, Elinor 03 Jun 1806 Caswell NC
Bradford, David Carregan, Betsey 12 Nov 1808 Orange NC
Bradford, David A. Burk, Mary 23 Nov 1848 Pope IL
Bradford, David L. Riggs, Sarah 18 Apr 1849 Edgar IL
Bradford, EdwardBranch, Martha10 Nov 1825HalifaxNC
Bradford, ElijahWelch, Haney14 Mar 1797GranvilleNC
Bradford, George A. Kinney, Anne Maria 28 Nov 1839St. Clair IL
Bradford, George Wood, Sally 30 May 1820 Jefferson IL
Bradford, HarrisPruitt, Mary01 Feb 1790GranvilleNC
Bradford, Harvey S. Whitten, Hester 24 Oct 1836 Knox IL
Bradford, HoseaColyer, Polly13 Aug 1824BurkeNC
Bradford, JamesPalmer, Elizabeth20 Oct 1805CumberlandNC
Bradford, James Brigg, Mary 19 Jan 1838 Bond IL
Bradford, James M. Talbett, Arsonath 28 Dec 1836 Sangamon, IL
Bradford, James W. Hunter, Mary Ann11 Mar 1841 Bond IL
Bradford, JohnCalvin, Anne24 Mar 1804CumberlandNC
Bradford, John W. Wiseman, Harriet 19 Feb 1840 Gallatin IL
Bradford, KearnyCarroll, Patsy27 Sep 1805GranvilleNC
Bradford, Michael?, Jean29 Jan 1802CabarusNC
Bradford, Owen J. Bradford, Mary Ann 04 Nov 1845 Bond IL
Bradford, RobertKerrell, Nancy16 Dec 1809GranvilleNC
Bradford, Samuel F.Inskeep, Abigail7 Mar 1799(Christ's Church in Philadelphia)PA
Bradford, SamuelPatterson, Nancy06 Nov 1804OrangeNC
Bradford, SamuelGatewood, Matilda21 Mar 1809EssexVA
Bradford, Samuel K.Slaughter, Emily27 Feb 1816Chesterfield VA
Bradford, Samuel Cwynn, Rhoda M. 25 Mar 1828 Montgomery IL
Bradford, SamuelMcDermith, Melissa D.3 Jul 1855FranklinOH
Bradford, SamuelBrown, Mollie27 Dec 1878LincolnTN
Bradford, Samuel SidneyBraxton, Kate Spotswood25 Nov 1880StaffordVA
Bradford, SamuelArington, Susan26 Jan 1886LincolnTN
Bradford, ThomasKearny, Eva02 Apr 1782GranvilleNC
Bradford, ThomasHargrove, Polly12 Aug 1782GranvilleNC
Bradford, Thomas A. Baker, Jane 19 Jan 1843 St. Clair IL
Bradford, Thomas Jr.Garrison, Martha13 Feb 1804OrangeNC
Bradford, WilliamKittrell, Nancy13 Feb 1808GranvilleNC
Bradford, William Harty, Hiley 20 Dec 1828 Pike IL
Bradford, William Sumerline, Milly 22 Aug 1839 Hamilton IL
Bradford, William Young, Nancy 15 Nov 1842 Knox IL
Bradford, William H. Honney, Sarah 24 May 1846 Randolph IL
In order by Bradford bride:
Doogan, EdmundBradford, Anne25 Aug 1789OrangeNC
Enloe, Isaac Bradford, Ann 25 Feb 1836 Bond IL
Rust, VincentBradford, Anna03 Jul 1797GranvilleNC
Cawthorn, NathanielBradford, Ava30 Aug 1792GranvilleNC
Harris, JonathanBradford, Barbara20 Sep 1811GranvilleNC
Rose, Joel Bradford, Betsey 22 Dec 1829 PopeIL
White, Coleman R.Bradford, Celah13 Mar 1786GranvilleNC
Davis, Ebenezer Bradford, Clotilda 20 Sep 1838 Adams IL
Burkloe, IsaacBradford, Eliza23 Feb 1810CumberlandNC
Smith, JohnBradford, Elizabeth22 Mar 1793OrangeNC
Douglass, JamesBradford, Elizabeth23 May 1796OrangeNC
Smith, Abraham Bradford, Elizabeth 14 Dec 1812 BurkeNC
Bruce, JosephBradford, Elizabeth05 Jun 1821CumberlandNC
White, Thomas M. Bradford, Elizabeth 21 Jan 1830Bond IL
Madison, David Bradford, Elizabeth E. 24 May 1841 Sangamon IL
White, Andrew J. Bradford, Elizabeth Jane 01 Jan 1829 Bond IL
Wood, Willington Bradford, Ellen 17 Jan 1847 Gallatin IL
Moore, JohnBradford, Fanny30 Sep 1782GranvilleNC
Mayfield, JohnBradford, Fanny25 Aug 1807GranvilleNC
Cates, MosesBradford, Hannah15 Oct 1795OrangeNC
Simmons, Levin Bradford, Harriet 27 Feb 1836 Hancock IL
Harness, Martin Bradford, Jane 04 Oct 1841 Hancock IL
Hooker, Hiram Bradford, Jane 11 Jan 1838 Gallatin IL
Fleming, Allison Bradford, Jeane 29 Oct 1799 Cabarrus NC
Ray, William P.Bradford, Jeany28 Jul 1809OrangeNC
Bridges, JosephBradford, Jemima07 Dec 1796GranvilleNC
Redington, Henry P. Bradford, Jerusha W. 28 Oct 1838 Winnebago IL
Allen, Thomas B.Bradford, Judith03 Dec 1821GranvilleNC
Blaylock, JeremiahBradford, Lucy13 Dec 1781GranvilleNC
Cossel, William Bradford, Lydia 24 Dec 1845 Coles IL
Falin, Ulysses Grant Bradford, Lydia 04 Dec 1889 Grayson Carter KY
Waggaman, Anderson Bradford, Margaret 26 Apr 1832 Pope IL
Hall, SamuelBradford, Martha18 Oct 1765(Swedes Church in Philadelphia)PA
Hamilton, William Bradford, Mary 15 Dec 1794 Cabarrs NC
Mitchell, Matthew Bradford, Mrs.Mary 11 Oct 1827 Montgomery IL
Baker, John G. Bradford, Mary Lee31 Oct 1843St. Clair IL
Kelley, Reuben Bradford, Matilda 28 Dec 1842 Henderson IL
Hunneycutt, UriahBradford, Nancy14 Aug 1796OrangeNC
Higgs, LeviBradford, Nancy20 Mar 1813GranvilleNC
Magnum, SimpsonBradford, Nancy06 Oct 1814GranvilleNC
Pendergrass, MatthewBradford, Naomi09 Feb 1817RandolphNC
Harper, Carlton Bradford, Patience 01 Apr 1838 Greene IL
Warnock, JamesBradford, Peggy23 Sep 1798OrangeNC
Ray, RobertBradford, Peggy03 Oct 1804OrangeNC
Bridges, WesmondBradford, Polly01 Dec 1784GranvilleNC
Finch, JohnBradford, Polly24 Oct 1815GranvilleNC
Smedwick, Baldy Bradford, Polly 24 May 1816 Craven NC
Williamson, John Bradford, Rhody W. 06 Aug 1842 MontgomeryIL
Allen, GarlandBradford, Ruthy28 Nov 1806GranvilleNC
Gowdy, John Bradford, S. M. 01 Feb 1838 St.Clair IL
McCauly, WilliamBradford, Sally24 Sep 1811OrangeNC
Conyers, George W. Bradford, Sally 25 Feb 1830 MontgomeryIL
Tuggle, JohnBradford, Sarah29 Nov 1784GranvilleNC
Hays, LeonardBradford, Sarah14 Jan 1786GranvilleNC
Fuller, JonesBradford, Sarah13 May 1786GranvilleNC
McAdam, JosephBradford, Sarah15 Nov 1789OrangeNC
Benson, Robert C. Bradford, Sarah 05 Jan 1837 KnoxIL
Enloe, James Bradford, Sarah 01 Jan 1829 Bond IL
Hart, Aaron Bradford, Sarah 19 Jan 1834 Greene IL
Smead, John H. Bradford, Sarah Jane03 Sep 1845Greene IL
Humphrey, JohnBradford, Susanna07 Jan 1793RowanNC
Rowe, Henry Bradford, Susannah 25 Nov 1823 MontgomeryIL
Montague, R. Bradford, Welthea D. 06 Jun 1846 WinnebagoIL


  1. For marriages in NC, the information comes from a marriage bond abstract on microfiche at the State Librarh of North Carolina, or a published index to marriages for Granville County. The fiche was created by the State Archives of North Carolina and at the time of creation, the Granville County marriage bonds were still at the county and not included. After they were transferred to the Archives, they ere indexed as a book by researchers.
  2. For the marriages in IL, the information comes from the online database of IL marriages maintained by the State Archives of IL, which you can view by going here:
  3. The marriage for KY was submitted by an unrelated person who came across the marriage in their own research.
  4. For OH marriages, the information comes from various county abstracts I've come across.
  5. For PA marriages, the information comes from Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810, Volume 1
  6. For marriages in TN, the information comes the from various county record abstracts I've come across
  7. For marriage in VA, the information comes from the various county record abstracts I've come across