Bradford Mini-Biographies

These short biographies also come from the book Bradford Family History by the American Genealogical Research Institute and published by Heritage Books, Inc. in 1978 unless otherwise noted. There are quite a few and I am not going to type out every biography in the book, what I will do is pick and choose according to the lines that people post on the list and my own personal line (which starts in PA). If there are more than one person under the same occupation, I will list them after a biography (Just their names/dates/places) and if you believe this is your line, or just want more info about them, email me with the name and occupation of the person u would like more info on.

Andrew Bradford [1686-24 November 1742]: Printer.

Andrew was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son fo William Bradford and Elizabeth Soules. His father probably came to America from Leicestershire, England with William Penn and his company in 1682. He then moved his family to New York in 1693 and was there appointed "Royal Printer". He established the New York Gazette in 1725, which was believed to be the first newspaper printed in the colonies. Andrew learned the printers trade from his father and workedas his partner from 1707-1708. In 1712 he established a printing business in Philadelphia. Bradford began the publication of the American Weekly Mercury in association with John Copson in December of 1719. It was the first newspaper in Philadelphia. During the publication of the Mercury a series of contributions from Benjamin Franklin, using the pen name, "Busybody" so offended the governor and council that they send Bradford to prison for a time. He was not there long and in 1727 became a member of the common council and was postmaster of Philadelphia in 1728-1732. The post office was located in his store "The Signe of the Bible" on Second Street. Benjamin Franklin boarded with Bradford while still a journeyman printer during his first visit to Philadelphia in 1733. Mr. Bradford printed three or four almanacs annually and in 1741 published a periodical title The American Magazine or Monthly View of the Political State of the British Colonies. After his death his newspaper was continues by his widow until 1746, when it was superseded by his nephew, William's, paper the Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser. Andrew was married twice: first to Priscilla Parker in 1712 anbd secondly to Cornelia Smith in 1739.

Others with same occupation:

  • John Bradford 1749-1830, Fauquier Co., VA
  • Thomas Bradford 4 May 1745-7 May 1838, PA

Alden Bradford [19 November 1765-26 - October 1843]: Clergyman and author.

Alden was born at Duxbury, MA, the descendant of two Mayflower pasengers. He graduated at Harvard in 1786 and was a tutor in that institution and received the degree of LL.D. there. Bradford was then ordained as a pastor of the Congregational Church at Wicasset, Maine. He then moved to Boston to act as the clerk of the supreme court of Boston. During 1812-24 Rev. Bradford was secretary of state for MA and at times was a bookseller and journalist. Among his other works, Bradford published, History of Massachusetts and Memoir of the Life and Writings of Rev. Jonathan Mayhew, D.D.

Other Bradford Clergymen

  • James Henry Bradford 24 August 1836-unknown

William Bradford [4 November 1729 - 6 July 1808]: Senator.

William was born in Plympton, MA. He studies medicine in Hingham, MA and afterwards practiced in Warren, RI. Bradford moved to Bristol, RI and abandoned the practice of medicine and studied law. He was admitted to the Rhode Island bar in 1767 and began his practie in Bristol. Mr. Bradford was a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives in 1764-65 and a member of the Rhode Island Committee of Correspondence in 1773. He was Deputy Governor of RI in 1775-78 and was elected as a Delegate to the Continental Congress, but did not serve. Mr. Bradford was elected to the United States Senate serving from 1793-97, when he resigned. Bradford retired to his home in Bristol and died there. He is buried in East Burial Ground.